Video Footage Inside Jarvis Mine

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Finally Some Hard Evidence on Jarvis Murder!!


"Mine Closes After More Unexplained Deaths"
(from June 13, 1910)

"Is the Jarvis Mine Haunted? More Workers Disappear Without A Trace" (middle article)
from November 23, 1909

I finally found some hard evidence about the Jarvis murder in the mine!! I dug up these 2 articles from the county historical society but I wasn't allowed to take them out of the building. So I took pictures of them instead- they are so old, sorry for the bad quality. Also I met this old guy who worked there who knew about the Jarvis story. He filled in some of the gaps for me. This story is crazy. Here's the gist of the articles and what I found out from the guy I talked to:

The murder happened on October 27th, 1909. It was over, what else, money (gold, in this case).

So, William Jarvis grew up in the mountains surrounding the mine. His mother was a Piute Indian, and his father died in the mountains looking for gold. When William grew up he found gold in this stream and he followed that gold up into the vein. He struck a deal with the San Francisco mining company to pull the ore out. (Legend has it that the same day he struck a deal with the devil). And for like five years or so the mine did alright but just enough to get by. He got married and had two daughters. But then one day, the mine hit the biggest mother vein of all. And the San Francisco bosses decided they needed to cut William out entirely... not just William - his family, his daughters, everybody - no heirs. The company invited William and his family up for a big company celebration. And the night before, the mining boss and a gang of his workers raided William's tent. His wife fell against the cast iron stove, hit her head and was killed instantly. Then they pulled William and his daughters out, gagged and bound them and dragged them into the deepest part of the mine - into a small tunnel offshoot. Then the men each had their way with the daughters as William was forced to watch. Then the men dynamited the offshoot and entombed them forever.
Supposedly the reason the mine remains haunted is because Jarvis can't leave until the spirits of his two girls are set free first.
Inside Jarvis mine, 1909

New INFO!! Family Died in this mine!! (JARVIS LEGEND)

I can’t say that this blog has been a big success so far. I don’t think I’ve saved anybody’s life yet. But, I did get something very interesting from an anonymous source – some history on the Jarvis Mine. I don’t get why people don’t just come out with it. What’s with all the secrecy? Apparently there is a legend and a pretty ugly story behind it all. Maybe now you guys will believe me. I’m not making it up. Look for yourselves. There really is something really dark about this place. And its real.

I'm searching for more information on what happened. It was over 100 years ago. Apparently a man named William Jarvis and his two daughters were murdered in this mine (that's why it's called the Jarvis mine). It's hard to get newspaper articles from that far back-- there's nothing online. But I was sent this picture of Jarvis and his daughters. I guess this mine has a history of taking innocent lives. It's pretty heartbreaking.

The person who sent me this has asked to remain anonymous, but has let me know that I might get more information from the town's historical society. I'm gonna go when I get a chance.

BTW-- I haven’t heard from Brad since before Halloween. Anybody know about this guy or his friends? They might have gone in this place.

The VIDEO footage inside the MINE

Ok. I finally decided to upload this video. See if it didn't happen just the way I described up above. I did my best to just piece it together and show exactly what happened. I just don't want anybody to come after me and say that I'm responsible for killing my own dog and then have those PETA people knocking on my door. That would be the ultimate slap in the face after what I've gone through. I just need to know after you see this - has ANYBODY ever been to this mine? Anybody ever heard about it? Anybody ever had a similar experience? Anybody ever get anything like this on video and can send it to me? I'll post it on my blog if you do. Lets all get the word out. This is insane. But please beware. WARNING the clip is a little graphic in places.

????? Living A NIGHTMARE.

I feel like I'm living in a nightmare. I'm trying to do the right thing and nobody believes me. First of all, if there is anybody out there who knows Brad and any of his friends and knows if they made it back ok from their Halloween trip to the Jarvis Mine, let me know. I'm kinda concerned. And want to know if they actually went up there, and if they are ok... I haven't heard from Brad since he told me he was going up there even though I told him for sure not to go. ANYBODY - Please let me know.

Stay Away from the Mine, BRAD

Well, this seems to be backfiring. I set up this blog so that I could somehow get the word out to stay away from this mine – the Jarvis Mine. And then this guy Brad pops up and convinces me to go back to the mine and show it to him. He's from a small town not far from the mine – at least within 50 miles. But he apparently didn't know much about the mine and had never been there. I don't know what I was thinking about showing him where it was. It was a big mistake. So, instead of Brad getting freaked out and go tell the local authorities, to investigate this thing – he gets excited and tells me that he's going to bring his friends back for like a Halloween overnight adventure. Are you crazy? Please, if there is anybody out there who knows this Brad guy – STOP HIM. He's not returning my emails. Just stop him and his friends from going. Its serious business.

Dog Died In Mine


Ok. I'm not getting much traction here. I've been trying to get the word out. I've tried calling people like forest rangers, the BLM, the sheriff's office in the local town, and nothing. People think I'm crazy. But crap man, what does a guy have to do to get your attention. I'm not doing this for me. I’m doing it for you guys out there. My dog is gone. Nothing is bringing Millie back. I accept that. But, holy shit man. I almost didn't make it out alive myself. If anybody else goes back in there, I'm not responsible. At least I've done everything I can. Don't blame me. But, if there is anybody out there who is interested in the details, just email me or call me. I'll be happy to unload it all.

For now, here are some pictures of Millie, a sort of tribute to her. She was an awesome dog and we had some good adventures together. She was only 5 years old.

Hiking w/ Millie

4th of July


Chasing after lizards

Millie you will be missed.

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